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The Thessaloniki Hub Attends a WEF Webinar Addressing COVID-19

Two members of our team attended a webinar entitled “Youth and COVID 19: Meet the Experts Session with the WHO Regional Office for Europe COVID-19 Response Team.”

Organized by the Global Shapers Community Copenhagen Hub, with support from the World Economic Forum and the WHO Europe Regional Office, this webinar aimed to “provide the opportunity for Shapers to ask questions from the experts leading the fight against COVID-19 in Europe,” and  “enlighten Shapers about available guidance and initiatives undertaken/underway by WHO.” The panelists included doctors and professionals from around the Eurasia region, including Dr. Dorit Nitzan – WHO/Europe COVID-19 response overall lead, Dr. Richard Pebody – WHO/Europe COVID-19 response technical lead, and Ms. Cristiana Salvi – WHO/Europe COVID-19 response communication lead.

This was an amazing opportunity to lean into the incredible network of Global Shapers and hear directly from major actors in the European COVID-19 response. Some key takeaways from the webinar include:

  1. listen to the experts,
  2. we are practicing physical distancing, not social distancing, we can still be social even when not in physical proximity to someone, and
  3. “it’s not the strongest or the smartest who survive, but those who are best at adapting,” so it is important for us to all be flexible and innovative when adapting to the health measures that are put in place to protect not just individual health, but the public health the local and global community (Dr. Massoud).