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The impact of being a Global Shaper

As you may know, Global Shapers is a community of engaged and encouraged people who are here to change not only the city of Thessaloniki but the world as well.

The world for us is whatever surrounds each and every one of us, and in our case, it’s our organization. We would like to emphasize things we value and appreciate in our own community. This is the place where the magic happens!

We asked our members three questions on their presence in our community. The answers we got were more than “nice to hear”, they were heart-warming. So… let’s take a look at our community inside!

What changes did you experience after you joined the hub?

The first thing to reflect on was the changes our Shapers have faced after joining the hub. All of us are in the community for at least half of the year. Some of us are members for already a year and even more!

So, all of us had enough time to experience life after ‘joining the hub’ and what the majority of us have claimed is that they feel more connected with the city of Thessaloniki and its problems, and here is what we say:

Giannis: Overall, I felt more into things. I complain about many things in Thessaloniki. Now I feel that I’m contributing to the change I would like to see

Sophie: I feel much more connected to Thessaloniki and more invested in using my time and efforts to make it a better place.

Kutu: It has opened my eyes to many processes of the doings around Thessaloniki by confirming what I knew and sparking my curiosity. It has helped me see the importance and how to be better or higher than we once were. We must elevate from within.

Andreas: I started caring about Thessaloniki more. Another important thing for many shapers after they joined the hub was the fact, that they are surrounded by a new, diverse community, from which they get inspired and motivated:

Orestis: I have met a lot of people with diverse backgrounds & skills, and that has broadened my horizons let’s say. I feel super energetic working with great people that we share similar interests. I’m very happy that I have the chance to make an impact in Thessaloniki with them.

Katya: I really started to enjoy working in the team, seeing every week enlightened, encouraged young people, who strive for change and development just brings so much joy into my life.



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