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The Davos Lab

About The Davos Lab

In our pursuit of enacting change within our community, the Global Shapers Thessaloniki Hub has prepared a recovery plan corresponding to our communal concerns tackling issues such as job inclusivity, net-zero, the future of politics, and mental health. You might be asking, what is this plan? Our answer: it starts with a conversation.

Through the driving power of dialogue, the Davos Labs: Building Our Future, an initiative of the Global Shapers Community, inspires young people to stand up where they are, mobilize, and globalize. The Davos Labs empowers the community to flourish through unity and strengthens our city’s connection on our quest for change. Our dialogue, this much-needed conversation, will allow a culmination of insights, ideas, and concerns to act as the framework throughout the blueprints of our recovery plan for Salonica. Go ahead, take a listen, chime in, and let’s converse toward our better tomorrow.