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Emily Fisher

Impact Officer

Emily – a psychologist by training- dedicated her talents, skills, and research inquiries into how to increase personal resilience and build positive institutions, thus creating sustainable change on a systemic level. She has undertaken three large research projects to understand goal-setting and culture-building at various levels and settings. Her professional experience has been largely related to developing training, helping individuals and institutions set effective short-term goals for long-term success and inspiring closeness and accountability in the networks in which she has been a part of. Her volunteer experience has been dedicated to providing educational opportunities and coaching to various disenfranchised groups including refugees and migrants, low-income students at an elite university, and children from high-crime areas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She helped to found a chapter of the NGO Sky School in Thessaloniki during her time here to work towards this aim. Emily comes from Philadelphia, PA (USA), and for the last three years, she has been residing in Thessaloniki.