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Alexandros Raptis

Vice Curator

Alexandros is an experienced grassroots organizer, with a background in mobilizing youth participation in elections. From an early age, he has been working next to prominent political figures of Thessaloniki and Ministers of the Greek State. He was responsible for the recruitment, onboarding, and management of the governing’s party internal election’s volunteers, creating one of the largest election volunteer teams in Greece. Currently, he works as a political communications consultant, having as clients elected Mayors, City and Peripheral Counselor of the Greater Thessaloniki area. Also, he is active in the media sector, working on media relations as Commercial Director, leading the business development of the fastest-growing online newspaper in Thessaloniki. Previously, at the age of 18 – and in less than two years – he set up and run the most successful Amway youth network in Greece and one of the highest-grossing personal Amway businesses in Greece. Alexandros holds a bachelor degree in political science, an MBA and a professional diploma in digital and social media. Alexandros comes from Thessaloniki, where he currently resides.