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Let’s talk about values

What do we value the most inside of our organization? We truly believe that people are the core of any community. Their values emphasize the values of the entire Global Shapers community overall.

So, let’s take a look at what every single person can get by joining our team!

The first thing many of us highlight the most is the helpful and supportive community! For us it is extremely important to feel comfortable inside the community and create an atmosphere of trust and willingness to help:

Christiana: Responsibility and availability. I’ve noticed that most members of the Hub are always available to help and discuss something.

Sophie: I value how much everyone on the team supports one another. If you’re having an off day you can reach out and find another understanding Shaper!

Kutu: Despite the inability to meet in person, connections formed, walls fell, and a new world began. My team realized that sometimes to help people we need to replenish our own source and go from there. After that, we worked the fine line of giving the best of ourselves by being our best self. 

Also, our shapers emphasize, that people inside of our community are driven and motivated, and it is so valuable to just be in this atmosphere:

Emily: I value that this is a community of hopeful and driven people because I think a lot of people have given up on Thessaloniki and talk about it as if nothing can change. Being with the GSTH reminds me that progress is always possible. As long as we are acting towards change. 

Panos: We are all motivated to do social impact activities and also there are many opportunities for our young members to start working within a safe and resourceful working environment.

Moreover, each team in Global Shapers Thessaloniki Hub has its own rituals during weekly meetings or daily! 

Ellie: We had our own little ritual of wishing good morning to the members of our team 

Marina: Through our team meetings we try to share our news, our daily struggles, positive affirmations and we encourage each other as much as we can. Building this type of communication is crucial to keep motivation levels high.

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