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Eager to shape

Can I become a Shaper?

✔️ 20-29 years old

✔️ Live or study in Thessaloniki

✔️ Eager to have a positive impact on society

✔️ Ambitious & innovative

Available Positions

Job Desciptions

Graphic Designer

Job Description

✔️ Developing graphics and layouts for illustrations and logos.

✔️ Determining size and arrangement of copy and illustrative material, as well as font style and size.

✔️ Testing graphics across various media.

Required Skills 

✔️ Fluent in Greek & English.

✔️ Intermediate Experience with Graphic Design.

✔️ Hands-on experience with design software and technologies (such as InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc).

Sponsorship Coordinator

Job Description

✔️ Designing fundraising campaigns, strategies, and tactics.

✔️ Securing donors, sponsors, partners and developing the Hub’s relations with them.

✔️ Researching and submitting applications for other fundraising sources.

Required Skills 

✔️ Fluent in Greek & English.

✔️ Hands-on experience with fundraising.

✔️ Visionary and long-term thinking.

✔️ Excellent interpersonal skills.

Web Developer

Job Description

✔️ Write well organized, robust code with maintainability and scalability in mind.

✔️ Follow common web standards and development methodologies.

✔️ Research and recommend technology options to meet functional goals.

✔️ Bring designs to life.

✔️ Employ a patient attention to detail; produce high-quality results

Required Skills 

✔️ 2-3+ years experience in Software Development for the web

✔️ Previously held Software Development role(s)

✔️ Strong experience with (and understanding of) core front end web technologies and methodologies: JS, HTML, CSS (including SCSS / SASS)

✔️ Excellent interpersonal skills.

✔️ Strong experience with responsive web design / development principles

✔️ Demonstrated understanding of cross device best practices.

✔️ Strong troubleshooting skills along with effective mental model(s) of common software development challenges and approaches

✔️ Experience with at least one front end framework or core library and its associated pattern(s) (e.g. Vue, React, Angular, jQuery)

✔️ Experience with and understanding of dependency management in JS applications (Webpack, Requirejs) a plus

✔️ Experience with at least one popular web framework (e.g. Express, Ruby on Rails, Laravel) a plus

✔️ Very comfortable with version control concepts and software (specifically: git)

✔️ Excellent communication skills

✔️ Ability to handle multiple, competing priorities and meet deadlines