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Christiana Smirli is the Training Developer (People Operations Team) of the Global Shapers Thessaloniki Hub.🌍

Some of her main responsibilities in the hub are:

👉🏼Manage internal skill-building.

👉🏼Organize capacity-building efforts of Shapers.

👉🏼Identify the strengths and weaknesses of Shapers in order to determine how the work of the Hub would be more productive.

👉🏼Run a curriculum/schedule of Shaper-led workshops and sessions for all Shapers to learn skills from one another and get practice presenting and delivering trainings on their top skills.

👉🏼Plan training events for Shapers from external presenters and training materials.

👉🏼Design and propose effective ways of strengthening the bond and cooperation spirit among Shapers.

👉🏼Focus on maintaining the positive working and personality traits of Shapers and finding ways for the weak parts not to intervene with the work of the Hub.