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Established cooperation with the Digital Communication Network (DCN)


The Global Shapers Thessaloniki Hub aspires to serve as a creative outlet for young leaders to cooperate and co-create solutions, initiatives and policies shaping the future of Thessaloniki. This aspiration however would not be attainable without a strong network of partners supporting and promoting our efforts. For our Hub, each Memorandum of Understanding signed ensures viability, productivity and capital to move forward.

This is why our Hub is in delighted to announce yet annother established cooperation, this time with the ‘Digital Communication Network – SouthEast Europe’. The DCN is a very unique and pioneering hub in Southest  Europe, bringing together several institutions, non-profits, public and private organisations and companies like the Aristotle University, Xanthi tech lab, the Atlantic Council. Their goal is to  work on the fields of digital communication, social impact campaigns, technology, and innovation. 

Similarly to our own hub, the DNC collaborates with different organisations and individuals in several sectors that have a common aspiration to empower citizens and maximise the potential of new ideas and technologies, in action.

The MoU was signed based on our mutual commitment to adress emerging needs and challenges of the community employing the best talent, ideas and resources. A very dynamic and promising partnership has been established!

Click here to learn more about the DCN.